12. Did people get hurt?

Speaking on the Channel 7 News, the next day, Robyn Clarke said: ‘They punched people. One woman got kicked in the base of her spine and another woman just had her clothes ripped to pieces, the arm of her jacket just falling off. Women were bruised, bashed in the head.’

One cop bashed Peter Murphy and he had bruises all around his skull, a badly bruised leg, bruised kidneys and bruised ribs. He had severe concussion. He wasn’t the only casualty. Chips Mackinolty ended up with badly injured legs and a burst ear drum. The cops also broke a student’s leg and he ended up at Emergency, along with some others who were treated for minor injuries. Sandra Banks’s arms and chest were bruised for weeks. And the last man to be bailed out had a burst eardrum after a cop assaulted him in the Station garage. GSG told Wran that the police had bashed a woman because she refused to be fingerprinted. They wouldn’t let a doctor see her. GSG claimed that she was suffering blackouts for days.

Authors: Gavin Harris and John Witte.

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