Two FREE tickets to the VILLAGE PEOPLE

On December 4, 2017

Two FREE tickets to the VILLAGE PEOPLE

Welcome to our give away of two FREE tickets to the VILLAGE PEOPLE concert (supported by KC and the Sunshine Band and Sister Sledge) to be held in the Hordern Pavillion on Thursday 14 December at 7.15 pm.

This competition is limited to one entry per email address.

Entries to close at midnight on 12 December 2017. If more than one correct answer a draw from the barrel will be conducted prior to 8am 13 December. Winner to be announced/notified at 8am 13 December.

Both tickets go to the winner. The winner goes to the concert with their own selected guest/partner or whoever they choose to give the ticket to.

NameEmailPhone Number
How many people were arrested on the evening of 24 June 1978 in Kings Cross and charged with offences relating to their partici[pation in the first Mardi Gras in Sydney?

Thanks to Victoria for the donation of the tickets.

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    • Dec 6 2017
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    40 years on dog show history
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    • Dec 7 2017
    Thanks f᧐r finally writing about >Two FREE tickets to the VILLAGE ᏢEOPLЕ | <Loved it!
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      Your very welcome

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