8. Who got arrested and what did they get charged with?

The Charge Sheets show that the police arrested 29 men and 24 women. Some reports claim that they arrested two people on College Street. Leigh Holloway was supposed to be one of these, but his friends say that the police nabbed him on Darlinghurst Road.

Of course, the police had to write up all Charge Sheets several hours after the mayhem, a recipe for confusion or even cover-up. We believe that 28 men and 23 women were arrested at Darlinghurst Road, while Owen Sullivan and Christine Pearce were arrested outside Darlinghurst Police Station. Gowland was arrested on College Street, but never charged. The police let at least three people escape. Nearly all the arrestees were gay-identified or their friends, but a few other people got caught up in the melee. Sullivan, for example, was a company director (or taxi driver) who told the court that he and his mate were walking to his car when the police nabbed him for trying to let down their tyres. He distanced himself from the parade and protested his innocence, but the court fined him $75.

They charged everyone with breaking the Summary Offences Act (1970). The police claimed they had taken part in an unlawful procession, resisted arrest, disobeyed their directions, hindered them from executing their duties, assaulted them or used unseemly words.

Authors: Gavin Harris and John Witte.

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